The Seven Bridges Road Journey
led by White Moose Mother

The Beginning:

The compass is pointing North,
but North is no longer there...
The Snow Owl packed her luggage
and rides the Polar Bear;
by all accounts I'm hearing,
the Caravan's heading East-
as Wolf, with Reindeer, set first camp
where the Universe is creased.

On Wednesday, Nov. 25th, 2009, around noon, two hummingbirds buzz by my ear. I know they are the Guardians of the North, especially for the Incan shamans of the Andes Mountains of South America. I believe they are Messengers of Don Francisco and Don Umberto, who made me a Despacho, which I released a day later on my full moon birthday last year. It could be their response to my request to journey with them in Dreamtime to Scandanavia - to the Crown Chakra of the Northern Pachamama. It seems they are assisting me...letting me know that they know. This Way of thinking feels to be the Truth. I need to keep that Truth in mind, and give thanks.

Concerning the 1st Bridge:

White Moose comes to me. She says: 'I will take you on a Journey- North by East. We will walk the Road of Seven Bridges. Your other Allies will gather with us.'
And on the Winter Solstice (2009), we began: with White Moose, Polar Bear, Reindeer, Arctic Wolf mother and cub. I am not sure of the significance of this Road, but I have a feeling that it is good; it is part of my deep healing alchemization. I have no doubt about following it, only doubts about my being able to do it well, while scared to death sometimes. This first Bridge seems to go up and through a Mountain, which doesn't quite make sense, as if the Mountain weren't really there, and yet it was quite there for the Party of Guides who journey with me, as well as for myself. Curiously, the flying Reindeer had to walk the Bridge, as well, and so the Guides carried all the bundles of stuff, and we went through and up or something. I only know we had crossed the Bridge, after we had completed it... peculiar.
Where we are now is still angling north by northeast, and there is a great forest before us of pine and cedar. I will help create a Vale of Faery green summer, once we are in the Forest. I can hear the thundering whisper of a faraway waterfall... I think that is where I will set camp, and manifest the Faery Vale, so we can rest and refresh ourselves for a while. I am pretty worn out; I walk forward because that is just the way of it; sometimes I ride the Polar Bear, sometimes the Reindeer, depending on the energy I need. The 2nd Bridge appears to be made of the mist of the Waterfall, but I must wait patiently for the right time.

(I am searching for the details of Bridges 2 and 3: bear with me)

From the 3rd to the 4th Bridge:

North by east, the Spirit calls...
by Unicorn and waterfalls;
the Change is changing - subtler yet:
my birth is quickened by Her Breath.

On the Jan 2010 new moon, I spoke of having crossed three of the seven bridges on the road I am on. Past the 3rd bridge, as with the others, I co-created a Faery Vale of verdant summer with waterfalls and hot spring pools and plenty of sustenance to renew, refresh, heal.
A couple of days ago, as I scouted ahead, I saw a bright spot on the horizon, north of east: it could've been the sun, a mirror flash, a sacred glow of some sort... all the same, it was a beacon.
Today, i gathered our questing party together to head in that direction. All except the Raven Crone who said She would catch up "later".

And so we headed north of east: the White Moose, with two Reindeer on either side pulling the sleigh, the Arctic wolf and her pup, and I, riding the Polar Bear. When we had gone quite a distance, I began to discern the outlines of a large bird (or winged creature) circling far above and far before us - towards where the beacon called.
As I was uncertain of its intention, as it neither shared 'yes or no' energy with me, I altered our path somewhat more east, down into a snowy valley and rounding an icy peak from the southern side, before coming back to the path. As I came upon the path, the winged creature came spiraling down from the sky and landed in front of me. It was the largest Condor I have ever seen - books, movies, whatever. big.

It said, "No name (it called me that), you can go no further without assistance, but I am willing to do that."

I asked it, "What is it that is just beyond you?"

It said, "A graveyard of the not-yet dead. They would take you with them. And your friends. I can lead you through."

"And what do you ask for in return. What bargain?"

"Ah," It said, "they already fill my bargain (looking at the not yet dead creatures; some human). But, for you, all I ask is your trust... and isn't that plenty?"

I agreed that was indeed.

It said, "I will hold this plumb line down (something he picked off a fisher person, i'm guessing), and you follow it - no matter the path, no matter the logic or pattern, you follow it, and you will get safely through. The others can follow in your footprints. the sleigh cannot come through; the safe path is too narrow."

So I went back to the others, unhooked all leads, packed a few items each on us all, tucking my book, faery passport and invitation, and runes in all my pockets, plus some munchies. I carried a small canteen. And so we each carried what was important to each (except for the wolf cub who was busy chasing his tail), and left the sleigh.

I approached the graveyard, and saw quite clearly that the "inhabitants" were not quite yet dead, though they ought to be. Grabbing hold of my courage and trust, I studied how and where the plumb line directed, and stepped carefully through the carnage. Emaciated, diseased limbs tried to reach me, and strange curses rang from dessicated lips, but i continued on... and finally through. On the other side, I watched as the others carefully made their way through.
Suddenly, the Wolf cub made to run through what appeared to be a wide path directly out of the graveyard, but off the condor-path. A leprous arm with mostly a hand jumped out to catch him. At the last possible moment, the Wolf cub was caught up in the crook of a cane, and the Raven Crone swooped the cub to her chest and beneath the enormous coat. Finally, all of us were on the other side.

I thanked, we all thanked, the Condor, who bowed to me, winked his eye, and said, 'now back to dinner'.

I looked ahead to where the beacon had been, and my eyes were burned by the ferociously awesome glare of the light, as if off ice. I could feel the bridge there, but there was no perceiving it in that fiery star light.

We headed off to discover its secrets. The Bridge lay across the Path, angled more to the East, like a fire-forged glowing piece of sparkling gold

As we arrived as close to the Bridge as possible, I again co-created a Faery Vale of warmth and summer oasis, for all of us, and being greeted by the Faery folk of this Place. We were fed, rested, lounged in the hot springs, pondered the next Bridge.

Late in the night, I left the safety of the Faery Vale and began the process of crossing the 4th bridge. Now this bridge is of Light (or something which all of my words only can compare to Light); this bridge crossed the Road at an angle which sends it more east than northeast (but not east fixed).
The Crone chose to stay at the Faery Vale, and stated that She will remain until the "next one" comes along for her to assist. She kept the sleigh as well, with one of the Reindeer.
I was so completely exhausted that i just climbed upon the White Moose and had her carry me napping, followed by the Reindeer, White Wolf and Cub, and Polar Bear. We walked across the Bridge, although not to the destination on the other side, only to the middle, as if the rest were still unmanifest, waiting on Fate, Destiny, choices, timing, and such. Once I can understand what it is we are walking on, or within, or whatever, I will write that out.

So, we stand upon the 4th Bridge, that is not a solid bridge, if you will, but a bridge made of energy, golden sparkly energy of the Great Mystery - quantum cohesiveness.

There is me. And there is White Moose Mother, the Reindeer, the Arctic Wolf and Wolf-star Cub, and Polar Bear, protecting us from behind.

I am standing on an arctic bridge, as the northern lights in blues and greens reach down and surround me, fill me; I dance within them to the music of the universe - my heart overflows with the peace that passes understanding... 'more than a feeling'... more than a journey.

Standing in the North turned to the East on the 4th Bridge, I realized the Illumination and Clarity of East includes more than Vision. I am experiencing the Northern Lights as lightly blowing sand, sculpting my insides, my inner and outer self, my depths and shadows and sacred core; shifting, shifting, like in the midst of a gentle whirlwind.The shifting sands seem very fine, tiny particles, smooth, and I see/know that they are alchemizing with the Northern Lights on this golden sparkly bridge, mixing with those golden sparklies, too... and I look around me and watch as it changes all of us on the bridge...
oddly enough, as we change, we don't perceive the change, because we become completely who we now are, and do not see the past as it we were.

Pachamama comes…
Pachamama comes…
Pachamama is weaving my Strands
Pachamama is holding my hands
Pachamama is molding the sands
Of the Northern Lights on an Arctic shore
Sculpting my Spirit til I am much more
In soft-brushed blues deep within my Core…
Pachamama comes…
Pachamama comes…
Pachamama empties all of my Breath
Pachamama breathes in me til nothing’s left
Til I am One with the Sacred Web
So I’m not who I was, but this who I am
Reborn and sanctified in Her hands
Alchemized beyond what I understand…
Pachamama comes…
Pachamama comes…

And then I realize the connection of the 4th Bridge to my 4th chakra - my heart - and I know where my Journey goes, though I cannot see it... this is not of Mind; this is of Heart.

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