Welcome to Psyber Inn
Journey through the Labyrinth

I hold no great Secrets...
I am what you know:
an illusion of limits,
a uniqueness of soul.
I hold no great Power...
I am what you see:
a fingerprint glimpse
of the Great Mystery.

Welcome! I am Lighthawk:
Counselor, Poet, Lightshaman of many paths and much adventure.

This Page is a Door into a Mystic Labyrinth,
here to intrigue your imagination with theory, poetry, fun,
spirituality, and shamanic journeys into the Matrix of Light.

So, again, welcome to the Inn.
Draw up a comfy chair and sit next to the fire,
enjoy your brew and stew,
and listen closely to the stillness that whispers your name.
You never know what you will find here, but...
keep coming back...
discover who you are as I discover who I am.

Listen as Spirit calls: "Go beyond the Web."

Click on the link below to begin your Journey.
[Some pictures on this website are not my own;
I have respectfully copied them and honor the artists.]

The Inn awaits...