Journal 1

I stepped down a few levels to put myself about half-way to the center. I watched what had to be the professor walk in through another door that blended into the wall. She seemed pretty serious and all, and got straight to work. She said the first lesson would combine holistic knowledge and intent. I was very curious where this was going. I watched her every move, every detail. The basis for this lesson was that Spirit was in everything. And everything in Spirit. This much at least I understood. Then she said, "Considering this is so, then it follows that anything can be in the palm of your hand." Now, I understood that particular knowing metaphysically, but she was leading right into the mundane world. She said, "If I want an apple, and I know that it exists in the air upon the palm of my hand, then with intent, desire and will, it so becomes." And "poof!" there it was. And she took a bite of it to solidify the truth and reality, to say nothing of our astonishment. I could tell by the expressions on the other students' faces that I was not alone in my incredulous stare. She said our lesson would be to replicate what she had done. I paused to process what I had seen and learned. What in the world would I want in my hand? Well, many things came to mind, but I discarded most of them because my heart's desire was not in them. I finally settled on a pear, just because -- at the time --it sounded so good, and I was hungry for one, and so the desire was there. Still, as much as I focused will, desire and intent, I could not manifest a simple pear. In my mind, I heard a voice say "You are trying to create something new. That is not the trick. Draw your pear to you from where it already exists. See the pear tree? See the summer orchard and beautiful day? See yourself standing next to the pear tree? See the pear on the branch you can reach? Grasp it. Pick it. Take a bite." I must admit, I felt I had almost done it -- almost manifested the pear in my hand. For real. I felt that I had done it in a shamanic sense and tasted the juicy pear. But that wasn't enough. I knew that this could logically be accomplished -- Inworld and Outworld. Not just as a shaman, but as a wizard. This was our first tast at Wizards School. I decided I would meet some of the other students and discuss this phenomenon. Perhaps amongst us, if we shared ideas, the truth and reality would fall into place. How fascinating this all was! When I looked toward the Center, the instructor was gone. But the half-eaten apple lay as a reminder upon her stool. It was time to study and practice.

Journal 2