Faery Guardian of the Gate

I go to the Guardian of the Gate, as Called, and request to go through. He looks at me – into me, more like it – and then steps aside for me. And for Faer’n. In my mind, the Guardian speaks of some kind of energy resonance that has to match before the Gate will allow passage… otherwise, though he let us through, we would have been incinerated. Wonderful…
Once inside, we are enveloped in bright white light, but not so brilliant that we cannot make out several paths, and many intriguing treasures and artifacts.
Turning to my left, I notice a set of stairs ascending, as if to an attic, and I know that is the Way. So, we go up and begin exploring in this odd little rustic room that seems so out of place here in this Sacred Ancient Faery landscape.
As we rummage around, I uncover an old map, rolled up and set behind a chest. Fallen, or hidden, I have no idea. I begin to unroll it, but Faer’n suggests that perhaps we should just take it back with us. It is significant just by the acquisition. I agree with him, and consider that a small booth at the back of the Inn might be a good enough place to look it over.
Simultaneously as I think this, the floor beneath us drops, angling like a chute, and we slide right into the Inn booth. Careful there! I need to watch my thinking!
Anyway, we order a couple of brews, and unroll the map. It has curious etchings and parts that move and other strange energies. From the map, we discover the existence and place of the Giants’ Gate here in the Faery Realm.
And I know I need to go find the Wyr-Sylvan, Hannah, and ask for a Guide and Entrance, for it is within the Forbidden Forest, and no one survives just walking into that without permission.