Journey to the Word :
Quest with Oriah Mountain Dreamer

So I went to my Quiet Place, my safe and peaceful Place, to start this Journey to find my one Word. I went to the center of the deep ocean, in the midst of the rainbow spirit light deep ocean, and rode my Spirit Manta Ray. We were flowing along calmly, when the request was made to find a "hole" to delve deeper. And there before us opened up a great rift, an enormous volcanic vent on the ocean floor. As I held on tightly, we raced up over the lip, and down into the almost vertical chute of the vent. We were traveling at incredible speeds, ever downward - curving, sometimes lifting for a while, and then plummeting down. At the "call" to "discover" the "kiva" we would find, I readjusted my cognition trying to assimilate where I was to where the "quest" was being dictated. I let go the "words" I was hearing, and allowed the Manta and I to enter a "room" - an underground oceanic cavern. Wow! This room was amazing! Everything glowed gold. The whole room was luminescent with golden light reflecting off piles of gold coins and other golden treasures. I could see no floor, and could not tell how deep the treasure trove was. I could not understand what it meant, to me. And then, remembering the Quest for my Word, I looked about me. Suddenly, off to the right in front of me, I realized a patch of darkness, silhouetting the outline of an archway. And from it came a nondescript person, dressed similar to a spiritual monk, carrying a lantern. The lantern was the familar box-shape that ended in points at either end, with a candle inside. The monk motioned for me to follow him. Not that I could tell the gender, nor could I say that he had actually motioned... perhaps telepathy or something. As I clambered off the Manta, I 'said', "This is for me to do alone. Please stay here and wait." I followed the monk through the dark archway. Only the lantern gave off light, and I could see nothing beyond a few feet beyond us. I was in the midst of an incredible darkness that could extend forever, for all I could tell. The monk walked a bit forward and to the left of me, and led towards a podium. Upon the podium was a huge open book. There was a small step at the bottom of the podium upon which I needed to stand to actually read the book. When I first set my eyes upon the page - of what seemed a familiar book for me - I saw the Hebrew word "Elohim", meaning God, reminding me of the Spiritual Place I was in. Second was the word "Hope", which I figured was to be my Word. But, as quick as my mind had grabbed onto that, I heard a Voice whisper to me, "Breathe." Spirit had bypassed my cognitive control, and spoken straight to my heart. I had been given my Word. So, then, it was time to leave, and I climbed aboard the Manta Ray and proceeded quickly back through the vent and to our Place of Peace. I returned from my Journey and Quest with my one Word: Breathe. And I knew it to be true.