A Sacred Task

There I was, very deep in Christian contemplation, quiet and surrendered to the Void, the sacred luminous Darkness, when I felt a small hand in my right hand, tugging me off to my right. I walked with the young boy until we reached the beach. I knew at once that the Mu Lemurian Otter-Whale creature known as an Arynx was waiting for us at the end of the jetty. She greeted me in her rumbling chuckle, "Good night for tasks, eh, Ishtani?" (My Mu name). I bowed to her and thanked her for her generosity, once again. We went to it and climbed aboard, the child still holding my hand. In good time we got to where the Mu Faery crystal towers were and disembarked. The child led me to a particular tower within which was the sacred text - my Magic book. It was in a case near the floor so I could sit cross-legged and read it. I asked it to reveal the message I was to receive. The book shuffled pages, settling on a specific place. Immediately, a white flame appeared with a forest green background. Then the flame morphed into the Druid mystical White Horse. And the child leapt upon it and went racing away to meet with Lugh, his father. I brought my attention back to the book and began reading - not English but some ancient ancestral Faery tongue of First World. When I finished chanting and drew my left hand across the pages, a portal manifested that looked like the opening to a deep cave. I drew vertical bars across it, not having a sense of good or evil, but 'need'. Then I noticed Dwarves coming close to the Gate - all happy, relieved, thankful... so I opened it and they went on their way - somewhere - the last one out telling me to lock it good for there were Dark beasties not far behind. As he left, I read the words in the Book that closed the Gate and sealed it pretty much permanent. With that, the Magic book disappeared once again... and I was back on my prayer rug in my home. This may take awhile to sort, puzzle, and process out...especially its connection to me through this kind of contemplation. I was allowed to follow this Path, so I suspect all is well and all manner of things are well.