Meeting the Strange One

The runes said I’d meet a strange One,
Though I guess I was stranger by far –
And we sat ‘cross a table of oaken plank
In the shadow of some ancient Star;
I was seeking some knowledge of Changes,
And the weaving of Prophecy,
The connections of life and my living:
The surrender to Alchemy;
“You know what you know,” It responded,
“When you’re certain and don’t have to ask;
You will know when you know you have shifted;
When you’re there, then you’ve finished your Task.”
It continued, “So of what are you certain?”
I replied, “That I’m on the right Way;
That the Light shall remain ever present;
And that you’re my Ally, I’d say.”
It quizzically paused and peered closer –
I’m guessing to see my intent –
Asking me then to repeat it,
To confirm that I said what I meant.
And then It reached carefully over
And set Its strange hand on my own,
And I felt a deep warmness, quite curious,
That only through Spirit, I’ve known.
“So, frightened, you’ve sat here before me,
And given respect I am due,
Regardless of how my appearance
Is far beyond stranger to you;
And so I will give you some wisdom,
As such it was shared with me,
‘The Truth of each Change is revealed
In the heart of the World Tree.’”