My Spirit Shield

My shield is really nothing else
but a constellation of myself:
Stars set in sacred harmony –
partly you and partly me.
I am the stars and the space between:
what you touch and what’s unseen -
Earth and fire, sea and air –
the Myst of Sacredness crowns me heir.
My shield is truly nothing more
than a mystical, magical self-drawn door,
And who I am is what you see –
what’s beyond is Mystery.
I am the Door, and the Path within;
I hold your hand and draw you in…
I am the sunrise and the breeze;
I am the river and willow trees.
My shield reflects the Mythic Fool –
like moonlight on the Elven pool –
For I am nothing, and yet all:
taste of Echo, whispered Call.
I am Legend; I am Fey;
I am the Past, Tomorrow, Today…
I am the Earth, and so, Her breath;
I am the Life beyond the Death.
My shield, thus, reveals my heart,
etched immortal in sacred Art:
Feathersong and shadowfear –
Light and Dark, a balanced Sphere.
I am the Tapestry and its Thread;
I am the Weaver and the Web;
I am the glyphs and Wyrd designs
that hold my soul, but do not bind.
I am the Eagle and the Hawk;
I am the Ocean and the Rock;
I am the Talon and the Beak;
I am the Garnet and the Creek…
All reside within my shield –
truth can never be concealed –
And what you see is what you know:
more what you choose than what I show.
My shield flies with the Eastern wind –
a sacred soul in human skin –
Collecting life’s diverse debris
to so reveal my destiny:
Bits of cloud and thunder’s call,
bits of spring and early fall,
Bits of rain and ocean chants,
bits of hummingbird’s featherdance,
Bits of stars and midnight sky,
bits of Vulcan’s fiery cry,
Bits of time and places gone,
bits of ice and Valkyries’ song,
Bits of Puma, Eagle, Bear,
bits of Mouse and Snowshoe Hare…
All the universe drawn around
the Circle in my fertile ground.
My shield is but a revelation
that all that is is my relation,
And all that was and still may be
exists as One inside of me.
And so I journey this mystic Trail:
a quest of Self within the Grail –
From Cave to Cross to Kiva’s fire,
from Tree to Henge to Sirian spire,
From Swamp to Reef to Lava’s run,
from Asteroid to Antarean sun,
From Upperworld to Middle Earth,
from Shinto garden to Merlin’s hearth,
Gethsemane to Avalon’s flowers,
from Joshua Tree to the lost Twin Towers:
Upon my shield, Creation sings,
for I am part of everything…
A song that gives my skin its hue,
protection that is no less true;
A soft vibration of the Tone,
that echoes from my Sacred Home;
My shield is who I am, you see
…within, without, unfettered, free:
A constellation of the Spirit –
let all who understand now hear it.