Journey to the Faery Ring

It was midnight in my muggle world, and time to journey. I went to my Elven Home in the Village to consider where I would go to interact with a collective energy source, like the ocean or forest or mountain. Actual time here in the Faery Realm was early evening... maybe late afternoon. An Elf-friend "showed" me in "vision" a forest grove area in my mind. It looked beautiful! It had an inner glow, as if sunshine were there, as if it were morning. It held the special silence that keeps the sojourner from hearing, until - once through the Veil into that Space - she hears all the natural sounds of mammals, insects, birds, breeze, trees, rocks, and all, just chattering to themselves and their own... similar to the middle of a busy city, without the techno-sounds, thank goodness.
So, I thought about that as I lay down on my bed, thinking about tonight, calming myself, allowing myself to adjust to the Realm and be at Peace.
About an hour or so later, a messenger came knocking. He had for me an invitation, on a small piece of bark - about 2x3". Tatiana was inviting me to a Faery Ring at midnight. Interesting... No grove tonight!