Journey's Prelude

Waiting at the Crossroads:
In the stillness of the vale,
at a crossroads of this trail,
sits a Warrior - Elvenkind -
who waits for the appointed time
when moons conjoin in full attire
presaging Prophecy's "Silver Fire"
knowing that, by three days passed,
will come a traveler - Human-cast.
The Elf's an Escort to the Throne,
although beyond that, naught is known...
He honors what his King requests,
pledging his Life to guard this Guest.

Crossing the Faery Veil:
A sacred ring and magic blade
allow thee passage through this glade
that has no touch of mortal man,
'cept those drawn hence by Spirit's hand.

Meeting with the Elf Scout:
"What draws thee, human, to this place
that offers nothing to thy race?
What dares thee, human, to come hence?
What overrides thy common sense?
Must be 'tis time that both Worlds meet,
unless it's dying that thee seek...
But, no, I see it in thy mind --
your Quest is true, and it is Time."

At Oberon's Throne:
"So tell me, human, is it true?
Has Darkness touched thy world, too?
And does that Shadow follow thee?
or have you somehow gotten free?
The Prophet said that thee would come
when moons conjoined and shone as one;
but no one thought there'd come that day
when "Man" would walk on Elven clay;
still, here you are and here am I,
to forge alliance in reply
to Evil tamperings in the Web --
We'll stand with thee, I give my Pledge."