The Labyrinth Key


I am completely that I am…
I see my Self within my Plan -
I feel my Self within my Breath -
I am as One with Life and Death;
So now from out the sacred Core
…this mystic spiral through the Door…
I walk the Labyrinth in Light,
And claim my ancient promised Right;
I am so truly where I go -
I am the Teachings that I know -
I hear my Longing in my Calls -
I see my answers on my Walls -
And so the Labyrinth becomes
A map of just how far I’ve come,
A compass of my own desire,
A sacred sconce for my own Fire…
In corners that seem dark to me,
I find a Friend who shares some tea -
At crossroads where I hold some doubt,
A Friend gives help to guide me out -
In places where the ground is gone,
A bridge appears, and goes beyond…
At times when I succumb to fear,
I call for Guides and they appear;
And finally I know the Key:
Accept myself and just be me -
A trinity: Child, Mother, Crone…
Somewhat the world, somewhat my Own…
Somewhat of Spirit, somewhat not…
Somewhat of Fae, and Stars, and Rock…
Somewhat of Human, somewhat Myst…
Somewhat the Wise, somewhat the Risk;
All aspects of Creation here
Reside within my sacred Sphere -
I hold the Spirit’s Light and Love:
I am myself, and that’s enough.