The Elves of Mu

A Lemurian Faery Legend

Sedona Wind in gypsy cloak,
I come to hear your Lore:
To hear you sing through Ash and Oak
And ancient Sycamore;
And, in your singing, hear the Sea
As once it touched this Sand…
Sedona Wind, what did you see
When Mu-ans walked this Land?
What can you whisper to my heart
Of footprints lost in Time?
What can you tell me of the Ark
That crossed this ancient Brine?
Sedona Wind, I honor much
The Stories that you weave,
And – even more – your subtle Touch
Of Mystic Prophecy.

Far away in Time gone by,
The Mu-an Elves crossed Sea and Sky
To trade for silver, gems, and tales
With Knowledge of the Rainbow trails.

Blue Sea-Elves, in days of Yore,
Roamed beyond the Rainbow Door
To seek the ancient Mu-an Shore
And make alliance ties;
They showed that Weavings of the Web –
Connecting Realms of different Breath –
Were One in Life and One in Death:
This, we should realize;
And so, together, build an Ark
To save both Races from the Dark,
To so preserve the Sacred Spark,
And wait on Light’s reply.

Hail, Sea-Elves!
Honor to thy Crew
Wind to thy Sails
And wealth to thy Hand;
Hail, Sea-Elves!
From your Comrades in Mu,
Who sing Bardic tales
Of your mystic Land;
Hail, Sea-Elves!
May your Sight be true
On your Rainbow Trails
That ‘tween us span;
Hail, Sea-Elves!
And remember us, too –
For if either one fails
Then neither can stand.

Tis clear,
This Path that waits for me
Quite understands more Prophecy
Than I will ever know;
And eager,
Calls intent for me
To walk upon the ancient Sea,
And lead the Mu-ans Home.

Of times gone past
And times returned,
The Sacred Law remains:
The Pipe is passed
To sons of sons
Of Crows who test the names
Of those who keyed
The Mu-ans door
Where now Cathedral stands,
And those who seek
To read the Signs
Of Mu-prints drawn in sand;
Of times gone past
And times returned,
The Sacred Law remains –
So Shaman Crows
Must ever guard
The Light in their Domain.

Tis an ancient song returned –
Rewoven in modern idiom –
To teach the ancient wisdom
To the Heirs of the Seventh Millennium.

No trailmarks on the Sea
Whose skin has turned to dust –
The Path remains concealed
Beneath this sandstone crust;
No footprints on the Shore
That greets a desert now –
The Path reveals no more
Than what the Sands allow.
Where now the ancient Crafters
That sailed this empty Sea?
Where now the ancient Masters
That wrote this destiny?
Here, only are the etchings,
In Mu-an cryptic code,
Of those who made the Questing
Upon the Rainbow Road;
Tis all that can be found
Of sea-folk from afar,
Who built beneath this Ground
And called their home a star.

A book
A legacy
An ancient set of runes;
A key
A crystal lock
A coded set of tunes –
Before you lies
The dreams we hoped would last;
What was and is
In days of future-past.


Gone from homes
and ne’er returned
- no message sent or spoken –
The portals sealed
and pathways burned
- no Rainbow left unbroken –
As tides engulfed
new Lands emerged
- Ley-lines were warped and skewed –
Did seem few lived
beyond Eclipse
- to start the Realm anew –
But, see! The Light
did answer prayers
- and brought the Lost Ones back –
To show the Way
through Ending Times
- upon the Rainbow Track.

Raven on a wooden pole
--Totem of this land--
Messenger of ancient Spirits
whose bones are filled with sand:
Were you here to meet the Ones
who traveled from afar?
Did you learn the secret tongue
of Orion's nearby star?

Within your heart, a flame
Within your flame, a stream
Within your stream, a song
Within your song, a dream.

(note: Sedona is a city in Arizona, USA, known for its incredible red rock formations and energy vortices, which lies far inland from any ocean … except perhaps in very distant and ancient times.)